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March 21, 2024

Reconex Celebrates Excellence: Honoring Top Carriers of 2023 with Inaugural Performance Awards

Chris Jones, Director of Pricing and Carrier Relations

Chris Jones, Director of Pricing and Carrier Relations

"It's all about the relationship." ~ Bill Chill
From Left to Right
Tom Doan – VP Sales, R&L Carriers, Hank Newman – CEO/Founder, Reconex, Chris Jones – Dir. of Pricing and Carrier Relations, Reconex, Jeff Ebaugh – Dir. of National Accounts, R&L Carriers

At Reconex, we place paramount importance on accurately measuring carrier performance, which is a crucial element in calculating our SmartSelect™ score. This meticulous process allows our clients to integrate cost, transit time, and carrier performance into their decision-making framework effectively. Starting in 2024, we will honor the top achievers among National and Regional carriers with awards, recognizing their exceptional service over the year. Our evaluation criteria are comprehensive, focusing on the carriers’ ability to pick up and deliver orders on time, completely, and without damage.

We are delighted to acknowledge R&L Carriers as the top-performing National Carrier for 2023. Achieving this distinction is no small feat, as R&L Carriers has consistently led in the national category according to our carrier performance evaluations. The competition for the award was especially fierce in 2023, making their victory all the more commendable. Looking ahead, we are optimistic about further improvements in carrier performance and remain committed to highlighting the critical role of performance metrics within the Reconex Transportation Management System (TMS).

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