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TMS Connect™. For Carriers.

The one-and-only LTL Intelligence Platform in the industry. The TMS of choice for carriers. TMS Connect™ efficiently operates in your natural ecosystem — translating actionable, standardized concepts to your shippers.

True Mark™ Carrier Scorecards

Shippers don't care how many carrier exception codes are applied behind the scenes. From their point of view — they only need their freight delivered on the quoted ETA.

Modern Integrations

Save time and money with API integrations and eBOLs. Trusted and frictionless information results from quantity and quality data transfers.

Intelligent Routing Process

An intelligent routing process gets the right freight in right lanes based on your strengths.

Reality Check

Reflecting reality on the ground and accurately modeling your carrier networks.

Feedback Loop

Built by professionals who use it daily creates a tight feedback loop with bottom-up innovation.

Smart Select™

Smart Select™ is an industry-first innovation. It feeds live performance, cost, and transit data, at a shipment level, into an advanced LTL carrier routing logic. Shippers confidently choose the best carrier for their specific move.

No More Assumptions

Remove assumptions, emotions, and bad shipping habits. Correct data-driven inputs mean correct shipper outputs for carrier routing.

Carrier Leveraging

Right shipments to the right carriers - leveraging carrier needs based on performance and cost.

Drive Better Behavior

Drive shipper behavior towards consistent, logical shipment routing.


Consistency is set at a high level, gamified, and measured continually.

Live Audit and Operational Support

Reconex Live Audit is the only track-and-trace audit from dock to destination. Our team keeps all parties in the loop and audits changes as they’re happening.

Shipments audited in real-time

Process improvement (corrective behavior) around misquotes and incorrect data as they happen eliminates issues later during invoicing.

Process Improvement

Drive proper behavior, aligning carrier costs/risks with shipper actions. Parties can then make process improvements.


Creating shippers of choice - comprehensive approach to freight profile, physical and digital behaviors. Focused on the root cause, not the single invoice. This compounds over time into more shippers of choice.

Truth in Industry

Married to the truth (tough love to the shipper). Reconex just wants the shipment to be correct. Always modeling reality.

Eliminate Disputes

Eliminate surface disputes. Going further upstream to take a first principles approach and eliminate below surface issues.


Space/time/risk = Carrier cost. Reconex knows this and pushes shippers/3PLs to operate within those parameters.

Rate Alignment

We’re not just asking you for your best rates. We tap into your needs and strengths to award the right business to the best carriers.

Data Analysis

We’ve built advanced LTL pricing and analytics tools to slice and dice the shippers freight spend.

360º Collaboration/Best fit

Don’t just address the surface rate. Sometimes the cheaper provider might have a slightly higher rate up front. We look at the entire transaction, from PU to DEL.

Smart Select™ Carrier Implementation

We can take that data and model pricing and performance-driven lane awards before you even begin the relationship with a shipper or 3PL. Utilizing Smart Select, you will not have to hedge. As a carrier, you'll know precisely what you'll receive and can price appropriately.


PITT OHIO has developed a strong working relationship with Reconex. Reconex creates value for shippers, carriers, and their own company by using data to identify growth opportunities and address service and inefficiency concerns. Most importantly, Reconex acts on this information to drive impactful change that benefits all parties.

Geoffrey Muessig, CMO/EVP


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