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January 3, 2024

Champions of the Road: Celebrating Reconex’s 2023 Top Performing LTL Carriers

Picture of Chris Jones, Director of Pricing and Carrier Relations

Chris Jones, Director of Pricing and Carrier Relations

"It's all about the relationship." ~ Bill Chill
We have turned the corner, and carrier networks have stabilized amidst a combination of a soft market and a reduced capacity from the marketplace.

Reconex is thrilled to announce our Carrier Performance winners for 2023! The National and Regional categories came down to very tight competition, with the top 2 in the National category separated by 0.19% and the top 3 Regional carriers separated by less than one percentage point.  

2023 was a wild year in the world of LTL. We started the year seeing some softening from the COVID era, where Carrier Performance was at an all-time low. Beginning in Q4 2022, we witnessed the start of a return to ‘normal,’ and that trend continued in the first half of 2023.  

In early June 2023, speculation began to rise that Yellow may not make it through their most recent financial issues as tensions with the Teamsters Union became very public — all while TForce, ArcBest (ABF), and UPS came to terms with new agreements with the Teamsters. By late June, it appeared a matter of when, not if, Yellow would go out of business, and we were consulting with the few customers using Yellow and positioning their freight with new partners ( 

Q3 saw a dip in carrier performance across the remaining LTL carriers. They were absorbing the market share Yellow used to manage. We saw rolling areas get locked up with freight across many carriers, embargoes enacted, rating and pickup APIs blocked for accounts, and carriers rolling out crews to overloaded terminals across the country to return to normal.

Interestingly, our overall carrier performance did not take a dramatic dip as the remaining carriers maintained service levels well above the collective performance of the Yellow carriers (~60% in 2023).  

We have turned the corner, and carrier networks have stabilized amidst a combination of a soft market and a reduced capacity from the marketplace. Carriers who purchased Yellow terminals and assets did so primarily to expand in current markets. We’ll see the effects of those purchases later in 2024 and into 2025, as many terminals need to be rehabbed and configured to fit the needs of their new owners. 2024 is going to be a fun year!

Now, without further ado, Reconex is excited to announce our 2023 Top Performers National and Regional carriers!  

Our National carrier performance started with R&L leading the way for much of the year, with FedEx Freight Priority closely trailing. FedEx did take the lead over several months; however, as the year closed, R&L Carriers took the top award with an overall performance score of 86.89% . . . just edging out FedEx Freight Priority at 86.70%. Congratulations to the R&L Carriers team!  

In the Regional category, we are pleased to announce that Dayton Freight Lines is our top-performing Regional carrier partner for 2023, with a 12-month performance score of 93.13%! In another extremely tight race, the top 3 carriers were separated by less than one percentage point. We congratulate the Dayton Freight Lines team for your hard work and excellent performance, even in a year that presented some unique challenges.  

Individual monthly reports can be found here.  

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