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Meet the Powerhouse of
LTL/TL Shipping!

Reconex TMS Connect™

An Intelligence Platform

Best-In-Class Transportation Management System

Best-in-Class Reporting

Your shipments don’t stop at dispatched. We get busy collecting all the data around how your carriers and customers react to your shipments so you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Built on Great Ideas. Yours!

Collaborative thoughts turn into excellent TMS functionality. We don’t charge for your good ideas. If you have needs and it’s something we can justify globally, we won’t charge you customization hours.

Motivated by Best Practices

You need a SaaS company motivated by best practices, not custom code. Incentives drive behavior and we benefit when you do things as efficiently as possible. We encourage best practices vs. writing custom code around common business issues.

Your Business Rules

Automation to match your defined business rules: load creation, best way carrier assignment, auto dispatch, and paperwork.

Always Up-To-Date

Frequent ‘hot swaps’ as needed for new functionality and bug fixes without any downtime. Everyone in our ecosystem gets to benefit from the latest version of the system.

Vertical Integration

A Transportation Management System built in-house, no dependence on 3rd party tech vendors.

Built by Users

Built by industry experts and people who use it, with a tight feedback loop and bottom-up innovation.

Full WMS/ERP Integrations

Your systems are directly integrated into TMS for shipping staff to avoid double data entry.

Hand-Shake-30-Day-Out Guarantee

No contracts. We prove our worth every day.

Notification Engine

ASN, Delivery, exceptions etc…

Smart Select™

Most systems just rate carriers by cost (least to greatest). Smart Select™ is the industry’s first rating engine designed to take into consideration cost, three-month performance, and transit time — and weigh those three factors according to preference and derive a score for the best carrier selection.

Best Carrier at the Best Price

Designate the right shipments to the right carriers. Utilize carriers where they are at their best. Drive behavior. The right behavior.

Real-Time Updates

Instant carrier removal analysis impacts Smart Select reporting and adjusts the carrier rating grid on the fly.

Consistency and Accountability

Consistency set at a high level. Executive-driven framework around carrier routing and LTL costs. Hold process owners accountable.

Location Automation

Automate your best way selection process across the board or individual locations.

Live Audit and Operational Support

Reconex Live Audit is the only track-and-trace audit from dock to destination. You dispatch the load — we’ll take it from there — no more post-audit headaches. We promise.

Shipments Audited in Real-Time

Daily recaps reconcile shipments with our system making sure you have visibility on all movements, even shipments not keyed into system.

A Dedicated Extension of Your Team

You and your vendors have access to a dedicated staff to assist with booking loads and day-to-day operational questions.

Process Improvement Feedback Loop

We take what we find while managing your shipments and give site-specific feedback to ensure optimal operation — addressing inefficiencies and tracking progress along the way.

Carrier Payment

Consolidated invoice sent weekly. We pay carriers on your behalf. You submit one payment to Reconex. Vouchers provided if preferred.

Track and trace shipments

Along with initial live audit, we keep tabs on your shipments as they move through the freight network. Any discrepancies that arise for delivery or invoice can be addressed right away per your business rules.

Rate Alignment

Forget strong-armed rate negotiations with carriers. That strategy has never worked and never will. Reconex Rate Alignment is a full end-to-end value-driven approach to carrier utilization. You get the right shipments matched with the right carriers — the best balance of cost and service.

Data Analysis

We’ve built advanced LTL pricing and analytics tools to slice and dice your freight spend.

360º Collaboration/Best Fit

Don’t just address the surface rate. Sometimes the less expensive provider might have a slightly higher rate up front. We look at the entire transaction, from PU to DEL.

Smart Select™ Carrier Implementation

We can take your data and model pricing thru Smart Select™ before you ever begin a relationship with a new carrier. The carrier does not have to hedge — knowing precisely the loads they will receive, and can price appropriately.

Keep Your Carriers

Got a mom and pop solution? Got a good carrier? Keep 'em.

Revenue Strategies

Don’t want to pass rate savings onto customers? We can benchmark previous rates for you.

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