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True Mark™

Reconex LTL Carrier Performance Report

Tired of questioning performance numbers provided by your LTL carriers? Subscribe* to our monthly TrueMark™ report and access carrier performance metrics measured by Reconex LTL operations professionals, not carriers.

  • The most reliable unbiased LTL data and performance metrics available
  • Expert insight into LTL performance trends and how they impact you and your shipping strategy

Top 5 National and Regional LTL Carriers

Each month, Reconex will provide the Top 5 performing national and regional LTL carriers based on failures related to damage claims, late deliveries, lost shipments, missed pickups, and short deliveries.


*Only subscribe once, and we’ll send future TrueMark™ reports straight to your inbox.

PITT OHIO has developed a strong working relationship with Reconex. Reconex creates value for shippers, carriers, and their own company by using data to identify growth opportunities and address service and inefficiency concerns. Most importantly, Reconex acts on this information to drive impactful change that benefits all parties.


Geoffrey Muessig, CMO/EVP