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Intelligence Core™

Other platforms do well at delivering real-time end-to-end visibility. Reconex’s Intelligence Core™ (IC) takes you beyond data and analytics by providing the necessary tools to drive better behavior and results.

Reduce costs and drive greater efficiency by taking advantage of proprietary data engines, such as True Mark™ and Smart Select™, and up-to-the-minute global intelligence.

Stand-Alone Solutions

Solution Features Reconex Intel Network Basic Pro Elite
Batch Rating Push large data sets through multiple pricing contracts in bulk. Intelligence Core™    
On-Demand Pricing Tools Custom spreadsheet based pricing tools, bypassing TMS UI, to analyze and process RFP's, Rate Increases, and run different scenarios. Intelligence Core™  
PowerBI Analysis/Data Repository Suite of charts, reports, and metrics around service, cost, accountability. Intelligence Core™  
Pricing as a Services Ad hoc freight pricing services, from analysis to interim VP of Pricing tasks. Conduit+        Custom solution

Web-Based Solutions

Solution Features Reconex Intel Network Basic Pro Elite
Rating Accurate rates via API, internal modeling, or both. Conduit+      
Cargo Insurance Full value insurance, above carrier max liability. Conduit+    
Final Mile Capacity Network Live connections to hundreds of capacity providers that offer white-glove, high-touch delivery services. Conduit+    
Tracking (Carrier messages only) API Tracking statuses piped over from carrier. Conduit    
ePro Electronic pros matched to shipments on front end and showing on all paperwork. Conduit    
BOL/Shipping Labels The right information, formatted in carrier friendly manner. Conduit    
Carrier Documents Carrier shipping documents such as DR, signed BOL, inspection certificate. Conduit    
Load Tender Send carriers pick-up request with an API connection. Conduit    
EBOL Push carriers accurate shipment data earlier in the transaction. Help carriers reduce admin costs by automating bill entry. Conduit    
Carrier Invoices One source for all carrier invoices. Conduit    
Market Partners Access to multiple capacity and service providers in various modes. Conduit+  
Address Verification Verify and validate from/to addresses with a standardized address database. Conduit+  
Carrier Coverage Points Quickly and flexibly model accurate carrier coverage points. Direct, indirect, etc. Conduit+  
Load Notifications Keep up to date with load status via ASN, email, or text. Conduit+  
Accessorial Verification TMS learns and recalls, at a location level, which freight accessorials are applicable. Conduit+  
True Mark™ Recipe for tracking and calculating exception driven carrier performance metric. Intelligence Core™  
Smart Select™ Shippers establish a weighted bias with variables important to them. Cost, transit, or service. TMS recommends the best carrier for that shipment. Intelligence Core™  
Live Audit Daily, live recap of all shipments moving through the platform. Ensure that the TMS data mirrors reality. Intelligence Core™  
Data Repository Access Aggregate and execute on all transportation data stored in our database (hundreds of attributes per shipment). Intelligence Core™  
Automated Exception Management Automated push through around dollar, amount weight, class thresholds - custom setup to client preferences. Intelligence Core™  
GL Coding for Invoices Common with ERP integrations - transaction records pushed over with applicable GL codes specific to client. Intelligence Core™        Custom Solution

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